Asphalt Planers

"Caterpillar Planers"


Cat® Cold Planers put the tons in the trucks hour after hour, shift after shift. Production is not just about horsepower. It’s how the cold planer delivers the power to the rotor. Cat rotor drive systems are the most efficient and the best-protected in the industry. Cat load control provides the most responsive system, keeping engine speed close to peak torque at all times when the cutting gets tough.

Cat cutter bits last longer to boost uptime and ultimately production. Clean milled surfaces are left behind due to precise control of moldboard pressure.


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Year of Construction   2009
Country of Fabrication   United Kingdom
Type of Planer   CAT PM102
Engine   C7
Dimensions Length 10.70m
  Width 1.98m
Maximum Height   3.40m
Minimum Height   2.38m
Inside Turning Radius   3.45m
Weight   17.6t
Total Installed Power   225hp
Cutting Width   1.00m
Cutting Depth   0.305m
Rotor   97 Carbide Tipped Tools
Propulsion System   Hydrostatic Drive
Operating Speed   27m per minute
Travel Speed   2.5 mph/ 4.1km/h
Conveyor Width   0.55m
Conveyor Length   6.30m
Conveyor Speed   252m per minute
Conveyor Swing Angle   41 Degrees

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