Dredging and Reclamation

Dredging and Reclamation

DRAIMAR operates a fleet of dredgers and support vessels capable of performing large or small capital works, maintenance dredging projects, land reclamation and beach replenishment works. 

This division comprises two separate entities:

The first carries out major works in coastal and river environments where dredging operations in relatively deep water depths are required. They may or may not be linked to land reclamation works.

The second performs minor works in lakes, canals and other relatively shallow coastal marina situations.

The fleet is made up of three Cutter Suction dredgers, one Trailer Suction dredger and one Jet Dredger plus two Booster Station units. These craft are able to undertake dredging works up to a depth of 25 metres. Dredgings can be either be dumped at sea or pumped ashore up to a distance of about 4,000 metres. Also within the division is an amphibious backhoe dredger/excavator capable of dredging in shallow swamp waters. 

Associated land reclamation works are concerned primarily with raising the level of existing land areas and of forming new land masses where presently there is sea. These works utilise dredged materials that are pumped into the areas to be reclaimed or dumped in adjacent areas where they can be re-handled ashore.

Since commencement of operations in 2007 the division has already created over 20km of navigational channels, stockpiled several million m3 of granular material, replenished over 5km of beaches and been involved in the land reclamation and quay construction works involved in the expansion of the Port of Luanda.

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