Baia de Luanda Requalification

DRAIMAR performed various dredging and reclamation works for the Baia de Luanda Requalification project including the formation of a 25m high stockpile of sand in a limited city centre area, the cleaning of contaminated muds and silts along the edge of the existing 'Marginal' and the land reclamation required for the development of new areas in the centre of Luanda.

To improve water quality in the Baia de Luanda, the cutter suction dredger 'Quissanga' completed a 50m wide water circulation channel to assist the flow of water through shallow areas within the bay. The material dredged was used to form a stockpile of sand for subsequent use in the project's construction works.

Additional Contracts were then agreed to remove muds and silts from the existing 'Marginal' with the cutter suctuion dredger 'Quissanga' performing shallow water dredging and discharging material into the trailer suction hopper dredger 'Cazanga'. The unwanted material was then transported 5km off-shore and disposed of in water exceeding 50m in depth.

Subsequent reclamation works were performed to reclaim additional land 1km in length and 100m in width on which new roadways and public areas were made and larger areas for future office and residential development in the centre of Luanda.

Operations were suppored by DRAIMAR's hydrographic survey, engineering and earth moving departments with the use of specialised amphibious plant and survey equipment.

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