Baia de Luanda - Land Reclamation

Following the successful completion of dredging and reclamation works along the 'Marginal' in central Luanda, DRAIMAR was awarded a further Contract to reclaim 25 hectares of land in the heart of Luanda. The works involved reclaiming areas in the Baia de Luanda which exceeded 10m in depth and required the dredging of over 2m cubic metres. In partnership with and at the request of the client, the dredging programme of a few months was staggered into a series of phases throughout 2011 and 2012 to allow further dredging Contracts to be awarded and completed

Working in the city centre adjacent to residential areas, special care was taken to ensure access was maintained at all times and that existing drainage was improved. Assistance was also provided to the Capitania do Porto de Luanda to remove various ship wrecks through the use of cranes and winches mounted on DRAIMAR's various workboats.

DRAIMAR's hydrographic survey and navigational aids departments supported the main reclamation operations through the installation of over 20 navigation buoys to ensure access to nearby marinas was maintained.

All earth works were performed in house by DRAIMAR's earth moving department making use of CAT bulldozers, excavators, payloaders and Terex all-terrain cranes. 

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