Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers


The “Cazanga” is a modern trailer suction hopper dredger commissioned in 2009 that operates in coastal waters and is capable of dredging muds, silts and sands to depths of 25m. The vessel’s design is ideally suited to perform dredging in shallow areas and can perform either capital dredging works or maintenance contracts to deepen existing navigation channels or replenish beaches along the coastline.

Please click on the attached link to see the full technical specification data sheet for the vessel.

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Year of Construction   2009
Type of Dredger   Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger
Dimensions Length 82.80m
  Width 16.00m
  Molded Depth 5.00m
  Draft 2.20m
Dredging Depth   25m
Hopper Capacity   2,400m3
Deadweight   3,950t
Total Installed Power   2,980 kW
  Main Engines 2 x 1,350 kW
  Jet Pump Power 1 x 360 kW
  Bow Thruster 1 x 325 kW
  Auxiliary Power 1 x 200 kW
Laden Speed   11.4 kts
Accommodation   12 Personnel

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